Classical Carnatic Singer

I have been an active member since 2004 in all telugu associations in UAE like Rasamayi, Waves, Telugu Sravanthi, Telugu Kala Sravanthi, Telugu Tarangini, Telugu Lalitha Kala Samithi, Telugu Velugulu and many more in Dubai, Sharjah,  Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah and performed in their classical music programs. I also Performed in Music India, Suswara Sangeetha Vedika, Music Lover Factory, Meridian Music Clouds etc., in their musical events. I got pride of singing prayer songs in all associations at the start of their program.

I am a regular participant along with my students in every Classical Program in Dubai. I am a regular performer at Oasis Karate Association on their Annual Program along with my daughter Sravani for her Kuchipudi Dance. We as a couple have great respect and interest for Indian Classical Music and Dance, we decided to train our daughter in Kuchipudi at a very Young age of 4 and gave performances in various places like Tyagarayagana Sabha Hyderabad, Kala Bharathi Visakhapatnam, ISKON temple Rajahmundry, Annavaram Temple, Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Tiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Guruvayoor Temple, Cochin, Kakinada, Aligharh, Vijayawada, Avanigadda etc., I am teaching around 25 students in Carnatic Music and Telugu slokas to spread our traditional Telugu language to the next generations. I have interest in Music since my childhood but no resources to learn as I am staying in a remote village and I lost my beloved father at my very early age of 10. After marriage with the support of my husband I completed my diploma in Music from Andhra University. At present I am giving my full support to my daughter to carve her Dance career to achieve to her peaks in Kuchipudi dance.

I trust self protection is the best weapon to any girl child. Because of this reason I encouraged my daughter and some neighboring girls to learn Karate for self defense and she completed 1st Dan (Black Belt) in Karate.

I donate my musical income in social welfare activities like helping and giving equipment to hearing impaired students at a school in Kothavalasa, Visakhapatnam, India. I have also done monetary help to get their air tickets for

the people who are in jail and for people who had lost their lives in accidents here in Dubai.

I am performing every year in Global village since 2010. I have been honored with a title of “Traditional Woman Of Dubai” from Rasamayi A Telugu Cultural Association in Dubai.


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I am a winner of Mirror Image competition along with my daughter in WAVES Annual Celebrations. I had been felicitated as a “Proud Mother of Dubai” for encouragement and support given to my child in Dance. With great affection on me, everyone calls as Adapadachu of Dubai (sister of Dubai).

I have enthusiasm in learning interesting art forms and learned making soft toys, crepe paper works, Thermocoal art, Glass Painting, pot painting,  Gold carving works and making small scale household products like soaps, talcum powder, detergents, Shampoo etc.,. I also had professional diploma in Electrolysis and beautician course.

I am conducting our traditional festivals like “Bommala Koluvu” every year Sankranthi festival time, arranging different toys in one place to educate local children by showcasing different activities like Space Agency Rocket launching pad, showing and teaching importance of Greenery by putting 7 hills temple with sand and handmade toys, Indian Map showing all Indian states and capitals and rivers of India by drawing a vast Indian map on floor. Last year we put a theme of Ramayana, complete story of Rama from birth to pattabhishekam which was covered by many telugu TV channels like TV5, ETv, and TV9. I also acted in a musical Play titled “Sai Satcharitra” which was held in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi .

I am proud that I am able to manage different situations like my career and my daughter’s career and my musical journey with my students and with my household chaos. I thank all our Telugu association for encouraging me and extend their support to myself and my daughters career.

In 2019, I received “Spoorthi Mahila” award from Kalaradhana Music & Dance Academy, Visakhapatnam for encouraging my kid for dancing  and  giving  inspiration to others to follow.

Recently we started teaching Telugu language to kids who stay near to our house in Sharjah. Myself and my husband has passion to teach our ancient Telugu language to the next generation kids to read and write proper telugu. There are almost 15 students interested till now and many more interested to join and learn telugu.

This all I achieved with the kind grace of Sri Lalitha ammavaru and I am very grateful to her for learning such art forms in my tenure and will learn more with her grace as I am a student for learning any new things.

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