Akella Foundation

The Foundation provides a common platform to all Akellas irrespective of their background, whether they are upper middle class or plain middle class or lower middle class.


SWAGRUHE POOJYATE PITARAH, SWAGRAME POOJYATE PRABHU, SWADESHE POOJYATE RAJAH, VIDVAN SARVATRA POOJYATE “ .  We at “AKELLA FOUNDATION” strongly believe this and encourage good quality education to all and designing various programs to accomplish


“Health is ealth”. A simple and very old saying yet with a great meaning, A healthy man can make his surroundings healthy thus paving way for a healthy society and building  a healthy and stronger Nation. “Akella Foundation” works in this direction with a great compassion by conducting health camps and distributing medicines to the poor and needy

Women empowerment

“YATRA NARYASTU POOJYATE TATRA RAMANTE DEVATA”; We at “Akella Foundation” follow this and respect our Women and designing various programs and schemes to empower them.

culture & heritage

Culture & heritage

“DHARMO RAKSHATI RAKSHITAH”; Dharma is such a gravitational force, if Gravitational Force is destroyed, everything on earth will fall apart; Gravitational Force keeps everything protected on earth. Neither Gravitational Force can be destroyed, nor does



JANANI JANMA BHOOMISCHA SWARGADAPI GAREEYASI”; one’s mother (janani) and motherland (janmabhoomi) are dearer to him/her than heaven (swarga), “Mother and motherland are superior to Heaven.” We at “Akella Foundation” feel this and work towards evoking patriotism amongst us



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