Born to Akella family from Gudavarru village, Kankipadu Taluk, on the Banks Krishna river, . Kankipadu is on the way from Vijayawada to Machilipatnam.  It is known as Akella Vaari Gudavarru. Krishna District.

Born as a Second child of Akella Hema Kanta Prabhakara Rao and Akella Suvarna Raneswari with two sibilings Akella Ghansyam and Akella Sreesa. I am married to Sampath Vallabhajoysula and Blessed with two boys – Sahishnu and Saatvik.

Lifetime wish was to get our family members together and engage to uplift the lifestyle and living of our family members in Education, Living and Engaging them into Brahimin Samskruthi to Preserve the Heritage which was blessed and devotedly passed on from our Forefathers.

My contribution to Akella Foundation started when living in USA on vyavahaarika life and lifted to the state of isolation in space of family and wanted to build that strength which I lost when I moved from India, Thankfully was able to connect and mingle 400 Family members and on that path met like minded people who have tremendously helped to form the

Akella  Foundation financially and personally. We also started connecting with our family members by Word of Mouth and also by social networking – Facebook, Linkedin and Whatsapp.

Being one of the members of the Akella Foundation, was able to understand why family is important and how it can resource everybody with strength, happiness and helping hand. My wish as a kid was to help the “Saati Manishi” and uplift the lives of children and it is getting shaped with this Organisation.

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The great cause can only be accomplished if you have a family to help you achieve it so started the effort with building the family and then later extend the hand to the community.

Daughters of one family are wed to different family in our tradition and I think it helps to bond two great families into one. I was wed to Sampath Vallabhajoysula and was blessed with Sahishnu Vallabhajoysula and Saatvik Vallabhajoysula. I believe that I am connecting Vallabhajoysula and Akella families and it will preserve our families to be much more vast than it is already is. Love Vallabhajoysula family they are fun, friendly, caring and understand the mamathalu like Akellas but not as humorous as Akellas 🙂

My love, passion and perseverance for family is getting visual via this Parivaram Foundation and very proud to be part of it. Happy to hear, see and mingle in our family conversations, advice forums and teasers. Love is what I path for and I got it more contentedly than desired. Hoping for more, as a human content mind is always just a start.

My High Regards & Love and Utmost Devotion to God Lord Shiva and Ammavaaru Paravathi Devi my devotional and personal strength. Secondly Love to my Family and Regards to all Elders especially to my Parents Akella Hema Kanta Prabhakara Rao and Akella Suvarna Raneswari

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